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Here are some Student Testimonials from prior workshops:  “Susan is delightful!”…….”one of the most encouraging and inspiring instructors I’ve ever had”……”Susan’s combination of rigor and playfulness was absolutely perfect for me”….”lots of experimentation”….”Playful spirit”……..”Great workshop!!!”….”Susan is fantastic. I enjoy her knowledge, skills & beautiful energy!”

Susan will guide you through techniques and processes to enhance spontaneity and help you to transform your way of working…or playing! Ms. Gross also loves to collaborate with you to design a custom workshop.

Some of the topics covered include book and paper arts, collage, printmaking, 3-D art & design, assemblage and shrine-making, illustration, creativity, painting and more.



6 Responses to “Home-about the Art Barn”

  1. Isabelle Desjeux Says:

    Hi there,

    I have just added a link from my site to yours, as a great source of inspiration for paper paste design. Would you mind if I illustrated the link with one of your Flickr pictures? Thanks.

  2. Kathleen Kirkpatrick Says:

    Dear Susan,

    Carolyn Bakewell and I will be taking your Mendocino Art Center class, Open Secrets.

    We need to know what kinds of supplies we should bring with us. I was thinking along the lines of collage images, old jewelry, fabrics, etc.

    You might want to post a supplies list. . .

    Thank you!

    Kathleen 707.459.5953

  3. Jaunita Coddington Says:

    Hi, Susan,
    Thanks for the reminder! I’m so looking forward to this new semester. See you soon.

  4. Charlene Kelzer Says:

    Will you have any classes or be available for individual art lessons during the week of August 25-30? I am looking for either of these.

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