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  1. Alan Zischke Says:

    Hi good people,
    I was just surfing the old country and stumbled on your wonderful site. I really “enjoyed Susan McClure’s Taunia’s and David’s work. Quite a fascinating site and use of 12451 AV Way! David your use of colours is dazzling no less! The card concept from Geraldine Rose that Suan and Taunia are using draw me in.
    As for me: they currently have a large music Fest in Milwaukee called Summerfest featuring a bewildering array of acts, earlier this evening I experienced Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Steve Winwood, and the Zombies (reember them?) earler this week I also took in Dweezil Zappa
    (the son) (just like Dad), Eric Burden and the Animals (“we got to get out of this place”) and Blondie (Heart of Glass) the local bands are quite good too. My lady friend this evening had the audacity to walk out on Tom Petty “you need nose plugs in this damn place Alan” but I stayed. You know I’m retired and I definitely miss almost all of you and indeed I looked forward to seeing you over the counter. S**** Omalley are youever talented!!
    Good Evening and Warm regards and memories,


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