Altered Card Decks



Julie Leibenbaum



Taunia Green



Susan McClure



Geraldine Rose
Since I am fascinated with all types of playing cards and Tarot card decks, I have been asking students to create their own deck for quite awhile now. They work on an old deck of cards, and–playing with paint, collage, sandpaper, layering, whatever–they create their own deck. Students can use the traditional suits or brainstorm their own. They can design an actual game, a divination deck, or just a visual exploration of personal themes– the deck is their own. The results have been a smorgasboard of personal expression.

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3 Responses to “Altered Card Decks”

  1. Timothy Says:

    Hi. I just read your bio. Great stuff! All sounds very exciting. I just arrived to Boonville, CA. I have been traveling across the country for the last 8 months, documenting and living in all the towns named Boonville. There are six (spelled Boonville), NY, IN, MO, NC, TX and you. Just found your site and wanted to say hi. I will be here for 6 weeks. Got in last night and I’m already loving it. What a great town! I’ve been writing a journal about my trip at

    All my best.

    Timothy Briner

  2. michael Says:

    *love* these sets! such a great way to make a much of work in a short-ish amount of time…

  3. Maria Madame Defanti Says:

    Surely the brilliance of the work you provoke from your students will be a lasting testament to your own skills, not only as an artist but also as a teacher. I am willing to give you our family’s secret for the gift of eternal life, Yummy Yam Cream, but for a mere mailing cost to you of $128,000.00.

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