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Altered Card Decks

March 28, 2008



Julie Leibenbaum



Taunia Green



Susan McClure



Geraldine Rose
Since I am fascinated with all types of playing cards and Tarot card decks, I have been asking students to create their own deck for quite awhile now. They work on an old deck of cards, and–playing with paint, collage, sandpaper, layering, whatever–they create their own deck. Students can use the traditional suits or brainstorm their own. They can design an actual game, a divination deck, or just a visual exploration of personal themes– the deck is their own. The results have been a smorgasboard of personal expression.


Spring College Collage Class

March 17, 2008

Now there’s a mouthful! We are happy to announce that we are now teaching Mendocino College’s “Collage” class on Tuesday evenings from 6 – 9 PM in our Boonville Art Barn. The class at this time is closed, when we offer the classes through the college, enrollment closes the 2nd week of class.

This particular class is- well, incredibly fun, expressive and experimental. It seems that our students just love being in this new space, created just for them. Oh yeah, and us, the community, and…? You!?